Saturday, October 23, 2010

another thing that bothers me.

people who are supercilious.
just because they're something they think they're better than other people.
because they're religious. because they aren't religious. because they're in a certain activity at school or a certain hobby. they act like whoever isn't whatever they are is less intelligent, less important, less valuable than them.
maybe they just have different hobbies, views, or interests than the person making the judgements.
i don't know. i read blogs of people i know and it's upsetting to see them undermining peoples' intelligence because they're different.
nothing makes you better than anyone else. we're all human that is it.

1 comment:

  1. Real we all human being but ,we experiance different view of peer preasure that make us fall apart.But we learn to overcome those judgements by being,respondly incorrect way they did;nt expect.Poeple fall coz the going same trap they been twice take a note .What your weakness are before you any dicsion in life